Welcome to the Career Opportunities in Research (COR) Program at San Diego State University

2012 COR Graduates Abdifatah Ali, Ariana Stickel, and Ryan Cardinale

COR Program Mission

The COR Program at San Diego State University is federally funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health to increase the number of well-prepared students from institutions with a substantial enrollment of underrepresented students who can compete successfully for entry into research career training programs leading to a Ph.D. in the field of mental health.

What is Mental Health Research?

Mental health is a truly interdisciplinary field, involving Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Sociology, and other disciplines. Neuroscience, Behavioral Science, and Genetics are among the top fields involved in the quest for knowledge about mental health. Eradicating mental disorders requires a strong investment in understanding its causes. Hence, the need for research.

For more information about the SDSU COR Program, email Nancy Cronan, Program Coordinator, at ncronan@projects.sdsu.edu, or phone the COR office at (619) 594-6915, or stop by or write to 6505 Alvarado Road, Suite 110, San Diego, CA 92120.


Updated: 10/9/12